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Watch Case Back Opener : Bergeon 5700Z Watch Case Back Opener(Bergeon 5700Z) quantity 1



Product Information


This is one of the best watch back openers made with professional quality components and ability to open any screw watch back without need for additional tools. Made to open screw open type waterproof watch backs it features an oversized torque handle giving this opener the power to open even the most stubborn watch backs.  It is made of cast in steel with a hardwood base and will give the professional watchmaker years of use. It includes four sets of non scratching watch holders and six sets of die fittings that will open a variety of watch backs as large as 60mm.
Opening Your Watch

The watch clamp/base is removable and made with vinyl holders and includes thumb screw to clamp onto your watch and holding it firmly and level before placing it onto the opener. The metal dies are placed into the top portion of the opener with small thumb screws and a side screw adjusts to fit width of the watch – all very visible and adjustable before you begin to turn the opener. The spring loaded top portion can be locked down onto the watch to prevent slipping or marring of the watch back and gives ample room to move the watch on and off the opener.