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Precious Metal Verifier PRO– Most Revolutionary Gold and Silver Tester


The Precious Metal Verifier PRO, most revolutionary gold and silver tester is uses electromagnetic waves to assess the metal in coins and bullion.  The device measures the resistivity of the bulk metal, penetrating below the thin plating used on most counterfeit coins and bars, and compares the result to a range of values compiled from measuring known authentic samples.


Product Information


Precious Metal Verifier PRO’ is a revolutionary device used to electronically determine if the metal in a precious metal coin or bar is as expected. The Verifier can assess a sample in less than one second without affecting the coin or bullion in any way. No chemicals are used, and no physical damage is done to the sample being tested. Unlike in other testing methods, plating and surface features do not significantly impact the unit’s ability to measure the underlying metal. Using electromagnetic waves that penetrate deeply into the sample, plating and surface features are largely ignored, and the main body of metal is assessed. The Verifier can measure through plastic cases and bags, numismatic coins do not need to be removed from protective holders. With the electromagnetic method, the Verifier can tell the different between Gold and Tungsten even tungsten filled in gold.

1. Surface Resistivity

The PMV PRO measures a sample’s surface resistivity in the same way the PMV Original does. Unlike other testing methods, plating and surface features do not significantly impact the PMV PRO’s ability to measure the underlying metal.

2. Thru Resistivity

Using two sensors, one above and one below the sample, the PMV PRO measures the resistivity all the way through the sample. This way, the PMV PRO can determine if the metal is consistent throughout the piece and can detect inserted metals.

3. Thickness

Using the two sensors, the PMV PRO measures the thickness of the sample, even for coins in plastic holders and cases. Plastic and cardboard are invisible to our sensors, which measure the average thickness of the metal between the sensors.

4. Density

With the measured weight entered, the PMV PRO can determine if the density (specific gravity) of the sample is consistent with the indicated metal. The PMV PRO does this by making sure that the dimensions of the sample are consistent with the weight, resistivity, metal type, and thickness.


  • Can be used with any precious metal, penetration deep up to 12mm
  • Can read through numismatic cases/slabs, flips & plastic coin bags
  • Very fast: 1 second results
  • No wet chemistry, no consumables, no scraping or filing
  • Detects and prevents precious metal fakes & fraud
  • Can assist in determining numismatic authenticity
  • Easy to use, easy to program for additional sample types
  • Durable – no maintenance required

Package come with

  • 1 unit PMV PRO device
  • 1 unit Small Wand
  • 1 unit Refiner Wand
  • 1 unit Calibration Disc
  • 1 unit AC Charger
  • 1 unit User Manual
  • 1 unit Hard Carrying Case

2 years limited warranty